5 Tips For Success In The Home Office

One day you succeed in working productively and the next day you feel miserable. You don’t feel like moving forward. Here are a few tips and tricks for Home Office: 1. Make a clear distinction between work and leisure Work and leisure time mix quickly when you work from home. As a result, we feelContinue reading “5 Tips For Success In The Home Office”

Asking For The Moon — 5 Powerful Secrets For Smart Negotiations

Negotiation is an very important skill in our life. It happens everywhere at anytime. If you master the skill of negotiation, it can tremendously change your life. I will share 5 secrets to master negotiation. I will point out principled negotiation methods and what to do when the other party is more powerful than you.Continue reading “Asking For The Moon — 5 Powerful Secrets For Smart Negotiations”

Living In A Noisy World — How To Remain Focused

We live in a noisy world. Sometimes we end up drowning in it. Whether people say positive or negative things. Noise is noise. We might feel like dragged down from people who criticize us or talk bad about us. But we also often tend to lean on those people who compliment us a lot orContinue reading “Living In A Noisy World — How To Remain Focused”

«Now is the time to defend the existing business»

COVID-19 — Effects on the Startup Ecosystem in Switzerland How a startup company is dealing with the crisis On 24 March 2020 Stefan Huber, Founder & Managing Director of StoryUp GmbH and how2 AG, has been interviewed. He tells us how the coronavirus affects his startup company and how he deals with the current situation.Continue reading “«Now is the time to defend the existing business»”

You strive for business success? Creativity — a key factor

Creativity is an intangible chracteristic that most every company aims to cultivate. So much of what makes a company succeed — the ability to foster innovation, exceptional talent and leadership, and a high degree of brand recognition — is influenced by its creative perspective, practices, and culture. But does creativity also impact the bottom line,Continue reading “You strive for business success? Creativity — a key factor”