This Strategy Will Boost Your Business During Pandemic

Beat the pandemic with the Franchise Equation Strategy The pandemic has confronted businesses with new challenges. Many companies are still dealing with difficulties. Here a strategy on how you can beat the pandemic to improve your business performance: Break your business down in those 5 levels. Franchise P/E (price-to-earnings) is the present value of new businessContinue reading “This Strategy Will Boost Your Business During Pandemic”

«Now is the time to defend the existing business»

COVID-19 — Effects on the Startup Ecosystem in Switzerland How a startup company is dealing with the crisis On 24 March 2020 Stefan Huber, Founder & Managing Director of StoryUp GmbH and how2 AG, has been interviewed. He tells us how the coronavirus affects his startup company and how he deals with the current situation.Continue reading “«Now is the time to defend the existing business»”