Do You Make a To-Do List, But Don’t Get Half of The Work Done?

Here 6 Productivity Hacks To Get Things Done There are two types of people in this world — the people who just get things done and the people who procrastinate and get almost nothing done. Does this situation sound familiar to you? You write a to-do list and tell yourself: ‘’I’ll get it all doneContinue reading “Do You Make a To-Do List, But Don’t Get Half of The Work Done?”

Design-Thinking - A Must In Successful Stroke Rehabilitation

Design-Thinking As a New Approach A stroke is a brain attack caused by a blockage or bleeding inside or around the brain. This life-changing occurrence is affecting many people each second. The effects of stroke vary from person to person. Due complex nature of brain injury, there is no general way for everyone to get healedContinue reading “Design-Thinking - A Must In Successful Stroke Rehabilitation”

How To Heal Yourself — Nothing Is Incurable

Protect Yourself In These Powerful Ways Our body is really the product of our thoughts. We’re beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies. Here a few ways on how to heal yourself in a powerfulContinue reading “How To Heal Yourself — Nothing Is Incurable”

This Strategy Will Boost Your Business During Pandemic

Beat the pandemic with the Franchise Equation Strategy The pandemic has confronted businesses with new challenges. Many companies are still dealing with difficulties. Here a strategy on how you can beat the pandemic to improve your business performance: Break your business down in those 5 levels. Franchise P/E (price-to-earnings) is the present value of new businessContinue reading “This Strategy Will Boost Your Business During Pandemic”

Asking For The Moon — 5 Powerful Secrets For Smart Negotiations

Negotiation is an very important skill in our life. It happens everywhere at anytime. If you master the skill of negotiation, it can tremendously change your life. I will share 5 secrets to master negotiation. I will point out principled negotiation methods and what to do when the other party is more powerful than you.Continue reading “Asking For The Moon — 5 Powerful Secrets For Smart Negotiations”

Jump In At The Deep End

Make opportunities happen for yourself As a child I was always afraid of water. I never learnt swimming. Few years ago, I fell into the water and I almost drowned. Since then, I developed a trauma and I was even more scared of water than I was before. Everytime I went somewhere on vacation nearContinue reading “Jump In At The Deep End”

«Time is Money», does it matter in Project Management?

8 Things I learnt to be more productive in Project Management There are a lot of ways to interpret the proverb «Time is Money». It has a controversial concept, depending from what perspective it is considered. Time has a limit, but from a philosophical view, time might be endless. I would like to start withContinue reading “«Time is Money», does it matter in Project Management?”

«Now is the time to defend the existing business»

COVID-19 — Effects on the Startup Ecosystem in Switzerland How a startup company is dealing with the crisis On 24 March 2020 Stefan Huber, Founder & Managing Director of StoryUp GmbH and how2 AG, has been interviewed. He tells us how the coronavirus affects his startup company and how he deals with the current situation.Continue reading “«Now is the time to defend the existing business»”

You strive for business success? Creativity — a key factor

Creativity is an intangible chracteristic that most every company aims to cultivate. So much of what makes a company succeed — the ability to foster innovation, exceptional talent and leadership, and a high degree of brand recognition — is influenced by its creative perspective, practices, and culture. But does creativity also impact the bottom line,Continue reading “You strive for business success? Creativity — a key factor”