Risk Calculator and Virtual Triage Support

App that distinguishes Flu and COVID-19

Developing An App That Distinguishes Flu And COVID-19 

The mission of KyoorMD is to develop an app that distinguishes Flu and COVID-19. We want to provide further helpful tools in Healthcare Systems, keep people mentally fit and transform it into a successful startup in Healthcare.

This voluntary project was initiated at Standford University. It’s an international collaborative project with medical teams all around the world.

Further Details

We want to provide a simplified Triage and Tracking System so that patients experiencing delays reaching their MDs can utilize until they can confirm a Telemedicine appointment with a nurse or doctor in multi-language real-time support for COVID-19

Out-patient screening will be using IVRS and phone data to detect likelihood of illness as well as triage for high-risk behaviors, including noncompliance and community spread. 

This project will partner with smartphone-based point-of-care test for SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 immunity for Hospital Care Providers.

We want to provide appropriate online or local Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Link for citizens who are depressed or have suicidal tendencies can refer to. 

My main activities in this project includes inputs on the Design-thinking process, Blog Development and Marketing Activities.

So Many Misinformation Everywhere — Listen to this Leading COVID-19 Expert from South Korea

Professor Kim Woo-Joo, Korea University Guro Hospital | source: koreasociety.org

Most likely Future Scenarios and Possible CureInterview with Professor Kim Woo-Joo from Korea University Guro Hospital, COVID-19 Expert, Department of Infectious Diseases

There is a lot of panic and misinformation that is going around about the coronavirus. South Korea is widely acknowledged for having had one of the best responses to contain the pandemic.

If you are wondering what Korea has done to be so effective and if you also want to get the most accurate information on the coronavirus, keep on reading. Today we have come to Korea University Guro Hospital to talk with the most prominent coronavirus expert in the country.

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Around the world, we are working with urgency, passion and purpose each and every day to improve the situation and help each other amidst an unprecedented global pandemic | source: roche.com
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