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Caught In Colours – Time and Space

Caught In Colours – Time And Space

It is an existence apart from the human mind and it is controversial, because it is both finite but at the same time infinite. Time can be felt so short, but it sometimes it seems endless. Time flies fast. Time and space is where we chase things we pretend we don’t have. We often say that we don’t have time to learn for example a new skill, a new language or to meet friends and spend time with family,.. these days most people are constantly in stress and we often end up saying we don’t have time. But actually we have time. 

We have time at least to do the things we love and to grow slowly into our dreams in which our infinity will be filled with peace. Our life is limited, but we can choose how we want to spend our valuable time. Of course, there are some obligations. We have to work or study. But there is some left time to spend with our loved ones and to follow our passions. We need to make space for this.

Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to just be and give ourselves space to purr in gratitude. Space is also important to move forward, to recover and not to be limited. When we are stressed, we need to allow ourselves the time and space we need. Beauty is the moment when time vanishes in a way we won’t regret. Use your time wisely in a colorful way as it is a treasure on earth.

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