Complex Literature Visualization

Olive Tree Strategies To Withstand Draught

Process Of Developing Visuals Of Complex Literature

Brainstorming with sketches, colors, post-its and creating posters to develop high-quality visuals.

Design Management, International

This was a project in Sustainability while I studied DMI at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Design managers are creative problem solvers in companies. We combine creative skills with business management and enable teams to develop solutions. It can be applied in all industries. We use design as a creative tool to set up management processes more effectively. For companies, this means that they understand design as a strategy, must consciously use it comprehensively and accordingly require the expertise to do so: The basis for this is Design Management.

It is a rather new kind of study, but it has a strong relevance for the future, because it combines business/economy with design/creativity and helps companies to design “human-centered” and to achieve long-term goals.

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