How To Deal With Anxiety - Messy Mind And Stress

The prevalence of anxiety disorders across the world varies from 2.5 to 7 percent by country. Globally an estimated 284 million people experienced an anxiety disorder in 2017, making it the most prevalent mental health or neurodevelopmental disorder. Anxiety is a topic that we often don’t talk about it even though probably many of usContinue reading “How To Deal With Anxiety - Messy Mind And Stress”

Asking For The Moon — 5 Powerful Secrets For Smart Negotiations

Negotiation is an very important skill in our life. It happens everywhere at anytime. If you master the skill of negotiation, it can tremendously change your life. I will share 5 secrets to master negotiation. I will point out principled negotiation methods and what to do when the other party is more powerful than you.Continue reading “Asking For The Moon — 5 Powerful Secrets For Smart Negotiations”

«Time is Money», does it matter in Project Management?

8 Things I learnt to be more productive in Project Management There are a lot of ways to interpret the proverb «Time is Money». It has a controversial concept, depending from what perspective it is considered. Time has a limit, but from a philosophical view, time might be endless. I would like to start withContinue reading “«Time is Money», does it matter in Project Management?”

«Now is the time to defend the existing business»

COVID-19 — Effects on the Startup Ecosystem in Switzerland How a startup company is dealing with the crisis On 24 March 2020 Stefan Huber, Founder & Managing Director of StoryUp GmbH and how2 AG, has been interviewed. He tells us how the coronavirus affects his startup company and how he deals with the current situation.Continue reading “«Now is the time to defend the existing business»”

Why are some people able to manage complexity better than others?

Geniuses are made, not born. We all can be geniuses and have world class minds like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin or Leonardo DaVinchi. A part of that is the IQ, but the biggest part are our emotions, mindset and the drive of curiosity that makes geniuses, therefore enable to manage complexity better. It’s all aboutContinue reading “Why are some people able to manage complexity better than others?”


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