Hi, I’m Ozzin.

A Business Mentor, Coach and Entrepreneur.

My Story

Hi, my name is Ozzin.

Creative, ambitious and passion-driven.

I want to inspire people to ”Jump In At The Deep End”. It’s about to have the courage to pursue our own dreams and learning the skills required along the journey and to have space for our own imagination.

I want to awaken, activate and guide people through their healing journey with my concept of ‘Inspiration Science’ that helped me and others overcame traumas, doubts and limited beliefs. It is a creative concept, using the power of imagination to develop your own science to unlock your fullest potential.

There is no right or wrong way, only Your Universal Way of healing and living. Flow and create your own universal system as you live and evolve. There is no general approach for us all. This is exactly how my Media Company ”Your Universal Way” emerged. It builds the foundation of my Coaching Business ”Jun International Coaching” that is very individual and based on Passion.

Our Personal growth, Passion, Purpose and Mental Health is the foundation for anything we do in life. All things Business is build up on it. We reflect our Business Performance. That’s why our internal world and transformation must come first.

My mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches to turn their passion into a business and help them to lead a purposeful life.

My vision is to make a positive impact on future generations and sustainable growth by implementing innovative strategies, improving processes, and environments. I want to create long-term value with a human-centered approaches to transform challenges into massive growth to solve urgent world problems in the social sector.

Most world problems reflects back to the lack of education and awareness. By combining design-thinking and business-thinking and integrating it with conscious education and leadership, I want to disrupt the current education systems in more talent-practical based ways. That goes in hand with boosting mental health and bringing these new changes in the health sector. It’s about a healthy education that allows us to live and thrive in healthy ways.

To achieve this, we need creative problem-solving and a focus on larger societal needs from a holistic view rather than focusing on short-term individual needs. Collaboration in interdisciplinary teams across the globe has become more important. People with different cultural and professional backgrounds are a must to solve wicked problems in this fast-changing dynamic environment. Challenges are opportunities for our own growth and for our society.

I am here to help others to live a freedomaire and purposeful life. Empowering others to put their dreams into action.

Let’s build a sustainable empire together!



Mentorship & Coaching

I Help Coaches, Consultants and Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Turn Their Passion Into a High-Ticket Offer In The Next 30 Days.

Turn your Hobby Into a Profitable Business.

Free up your own time while increasing your revenue and deepen your impact.

Attract + Work With Soul Clients without chasing them.

Create a Freedomaire Lifestyle around your Business without burning yourself out. 


Living in your unique way.
You play a unique part in healing the world. We advocate Mental Health, Personal Development & Purposeful Living.

Worldwide over 450 billion people are suffering from mental health issues and the numbers are increasing more.

The mission of our community is to raise awareness of mental health and help people find their unique way of healing. It’s important to live a fulfilled and peaceful life. For you, for society and for better leaders.

Connect with us on instagram @youruniversalway


When people ask me who I am or what my job title is, I would label myself as an Artist.

Being a great entrepreneur requires many different skills combined. Sometimes we need to be in the role of a consultant, designer, marketer, motivator, author and many more. We still all have a specialized role, but it’s a true art to master all these different roles and skills within even one role we might think we have.

Art and Innovation flows into entrepreneurship, creative problem-solving and far beyond. Life itself is an art. I believe that creativity and imagination is one of the essentials to succeed in any business. It has the power to transform things.

Visit my art website for more

Art Inquiries and Creative Consulting

Contact me for any art inquiries you have: Illustrations and Paintings (on paper or digitally), Creative Content for Social Media or any other ideas you have. If you’re looking for new inspiration, creative ideas to implement in your Business and to do something in a whole different way, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to brainstorm with you some creative ideas and make them happen for real!


The Swiss Red Cross (SRK) is the oldest and largest humanitarian Organization in Switzerland. The guiding principle is to help people in need.

As Head of Marketing at Youth Red Cross in the project ”Plaudernachmittag” I do various marketing activities and help people with a migration background to immigrate easier in Switzerland by teaching them German, as well as introduce them to our culture.


Dreams Into Action.

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