How To Save Your Energy And Brain Power — Focus on THIS

More Productivity

We waste too much energy and brain power.

How does this happen?

Often it comes from making too many decisions.

Fatigue is caused from many different factors.

One of them is Decision Fatigue. It’s very common and probably one of the factors that drains most energy in us (including all vampire people, who suck all the energy out of us or give us negative vibes in any form)

It’s the unnecessary thoughts that just makes us freeze, instead moving us forward with POWER.

Instead, focus on THIS.


I mean THIS ultimate goal and dream you’re aiming for. THIS Mission that is meaningful to you. THIS focus that requires and deserves your attention.

Here are 8 ways on how to save your precious energy and use your brainpower for THIS:

1. Stop Browsing Around

Stop Browsing your news feeds on social media, surfing endlessly in the internet, read up every minute updates in news and checking up on your messages. Everytime you scroll on your phone on news feeds, you need to make a decision to pay attention or not to pay attention. That decision costs you already your focal power and resources.

2. Just Browse And Target Only The Thing You Are Looking For

Let’s say you want to learn more about how to create a website and your browse about it. Suddenly you see an ad about how to create ebooks and you completely shift to something else. It happens quickly. It’s not easy, but try to focus first on the task you intended to do. The risk is higher that you completely wipe out from you main task, if you don’t control your browsing.

3. Wear The Same Thing Every Day — Simplify Your Life Generally

Remember Steve Jobs and his ugly black skivvies? He wasn’t wasting energy deciding what to wear each day. If you don’t want to go that far, have a weekday section of your wardrobe with some mix and match options that take little time to think about. Another option is to get organised and decide on a sunday what you will wear each day that week.

4. Have a Process For Making Decisions

When you have to make difficult or important decisions and you have several options to weigh, use a decision matrix to help you make the best determination. A decision matrix helps you to analyze your choice by listing the options and the factors you need to consider and then scoring it by the importance of each factor you are weighing.

5. Make Big Decisions In The Morning

Researches have found that time of day impacts our judgement and our ability to make the best decisions. It might seem to make sense that morning people make their best decisoins in the morning and night owls make their best decisoins at night, but researches have found this just isn’t so. For most of us, the best time of day is the morning. That’s when we make accurate and thoughtful decisions.

6. Limit Your Options

Having too many choices will stress you out. You become mired in your decision-making. This often happens when we’re making pourchases and are faced with endless options and alternatives. Our decision fatigue is heightened by our desire to shop around and get the best deal. It all takes up so much energy. Try paring down your options, so you have limited number of choices.

7. Set Deadlines To Space Out Decisions

Decision faigue can often occur toward the end of a long, complex project that you’ve been wokring on over weeks, months or years. Create micro-deadlines that force you to act early and not keep pondering your choices. Don’t set yourself up to make critical decisions at th eelebeth hour. Space out these decisions so you’re truly using your best judgement.

8. Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

Stop going back and pondering your choices to see if you like something else better. This will only make you regret all the time you’ve waster. And most likely, the chance you made to begin with, the path you picked or the selection you opted for, is just as good as any other option out there. Now you need to focus on making it great.

Use Your Energy Wisely

Control the amount of decisions you need to take and realize that you need to do fewer decisions.

It will save you a lot of time and energy. Making many decisions can make us extremely tired and leads to brain fatigue. This, because it requires a lot of effort to evaluate them.

Protect your energy at all costs and use it for THIS.

THIS ultimate dream and thing that you truly want.

THIS focus and mission your give yourself.

THESE people who deserve your attention and energy.

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