You Feel Lost? — Smash It In Whole New Ways

Help me (not), I am lost!

Do you know this moment, when you just feel like doing nothing?

Just nothing.

You might feel lost.

You might feel blocked.

You might be not sure anymore what is really meaningful to you right now.

You don’t know what to do.

You don’t even know what the problem is or what is holding you back.

Or maybe you do, but you still don’t feel like executing it.

Even when you try to execute, it doesn’t work the way you want.

And again you feel lost. Frustrated.

You feel you are caught in a cycle.

You might feel tired, unmotivated, annoyed and emotionally down.

Lost in your own mind.


What happens next?

What happens next is that we often get angry with ourselves.

We beat ourselves up for feeling in this way.

We first don’t care at all and later, we put more pressure on ourselves.

We might distance ourselves from others and spend time alone.

We blame ourselves and shame on us while trying to sort out our thoughts.

We overthink and waste a lot of energy.

Extroverts and introverts can feel both in this way.

What is the consequence of the consequence?

Well, the consequence is that you feel your own consequences double.

In other words, you beat yourself up twice or praise yourself twice.

And this, happens very quickly and unconsciously.

You start to procrastinate more on things you intended to do.

You get quickly distracted and cannot go back on track.

You feel emotionally quickly attacked or get defensive.

And in some moment you completely shut down.

Pat yourself on the shoulder

In this moment, you just need to stop that.

I know it’s very difficult.

But what you need to do now is to raise your hand.

Then, just pat yourself on the shoulder.

Next, say in front of yourself:

«It will be fine. This shall too pass.»

You need to show more love to yourself.

I know, this still won’t change your whole situation or solve your problems.

But it’s a first step to find your way out of the fog.

Take advantage of temporary motivational moments

Now, I want you to take advantage of any motivation that comes across to you.

If it doesn’t come across to you, you need to find it and let it come to you.

You are not tired because you do too much (maybe some people really work too much, but that’s another thing), but because you do things that doesn’t spark enough a light in you.

Watch motivational videos, listen to some motivational speeches or talk to amazing people who encourage you and make you feel better. Online or offline.

Express yourself the way you feel. You don’t need to block your own emotions. You are not weak.

Put your worries and messy thoughts into words, write it down on a journal, let it out on any hobbies you have and make a new contract to yourself.

Your close friends and family might understand you well. But no one in this world is able to understand you fully like you do. You cannot expect it. You know yourself the best.

You are your own best therapist, coach, teacher and motivator.

All this, is important.

But it means nothing, if this temporary motivation is just being ignored and you just end up again another day in bed or watching some movies all day.

Once you got slight motivation back, take this moment and use it to make it permanent.

Give yourself a slap and do it anyway

Once you got slight motivation back, you need to maintain it.

No person in this world is 100% motivated for 24 hours and 365 days a year.

You need to be able to deal with temporary defeat.

Sometimes we make whole plans, goals, write a long To-Do List. We look at it and feel so determined doing it. The next day, we just feel like we don’t want to do it and we find excuses for everything.

For example, you want to go to the gym. Suddenly you feel on this day, nah I really don’t feel this way. Let’s go tomorrow. Same with all type of diets. Same with gamers. Same to all the things you are addicted to.

But that won’t bring you forward.

If something pisses you off and it is challenging, but you know exactly you should do it.

Then, just do it anyway. Just do it.

I repeat again, just do it.

Smash it in whole new ways

I always felt like I must be first well prepared or have a master plan for everything I want to do.

But we should start before we are even ready.

Because we will develop ourselves as ready during our journey.

Finding yourself lost time by time is absolutely normal.

It’s like weather.

Weather changes so quickly. It’s sunny, rainy, stormy, icy and foggy.

Our mood can also change in a blink of an eye.

We cannot judge a person based on a certain season they are going through.

We need to be able to have a big understanding to others and most importantly, understand ourselves that we feel sometimes in many different shades.

Once you are lost, you are just in the process of redirecting yourself in better ways. You don’t feel lost for no reason.

There is always something that bothered you and triggered to make you feel in this way.

But you need to know that this is a good moment to smash things in whole new ways. Okay?

We as humans have a very powerful tool, our mindset.

You can change yourself anytime.

Set it up again. Restart yourself as a human-machine with flowing emotions to smash the things amazingly that you wish.

Smash it!!

You found yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself or put yourself more under pressure.

I know it’s a terrible feeling to feel lost and be unmotivated sometimes.

But what you are going through right now or what happens is:

You are in a whole new process on the way to find yourself.

I believe, sometimes we need to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves again.

You will be back stronger.

Remember, if this lost moment comes back again one day.

You know what you need to do.

Pat yourself on the shoulder, show self-love and smash it in whole new ways.

Growth and changes are never comfortable.

But you got this.

Just do it.

Btw, you are amazing!

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