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Design-Thinking - A Must In Successful Stroke Rehabilitation

Design-Thinking As a New Approach A stroke is a brain attack caused by a blockage or bleeding inside or around the brain. This life-changing occurrence is affecting many people each second. The effects of stroke vary from person to person. Due complex nature of brain injury, there is no general way for everyone to get healed…

How To Save Your Energy And Brain Power — Focus on THIS

More Productivity We waste too much energy and brain power. How does this happen? Often it comes from making too many decisions. Fatigue is caused from many different factors. One of them is Decision Fatigue. It’s very common and probably one of the factors that drains most energy in us (including all vampire people, who…

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You play a unique part in healing the world. We advocate mental health, self-improvement and purposeful living. #yourwhy

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